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A Mortician Falkirk is a funeral director who controls the operations of cemeteries and crematoriums. As well as processing legal documentation. Although the job is not academically demanding. Some employers may require applicants to hold GCSEs or higher. Those who are employed in this role usually have a full driving licence. Training is usually on-the-job. Working as a mortician in Scotland is an exciting and challenging career. The role of an undertaker entails preparing the dead in order to ensure the ceremony is fitting and dignified. However, the job can be stressful and requires a lot of travelling as embalmers work in a freezing environment.

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In Scotland, a mortician Falkirk has to be licensed by the Government. These professionals are required to be trained by the British Institute of Embalmers. They can either attend a classroom-based training course or complete distance-learning courses. The courses usually last two to three years. Some courses require practical sessions in embalming theatres. Entry requirements for this profession are not strict.  It do not require any special qualifications. These are among the most popular career options in Scotland.

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We at John O’Connor & Son is Scotland’s leading funeral directors for funerals, burial’s and cremations. We have built our reputation on the personal service and support we provide. From providing beautiful funeral arrangements to helping families work out how to pay for their loved one’s funeral. As well as being independent, we are also members of the National Association of Funeral-Directors and reliable Mortician Falkirk.

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We provide services for families within a 30 mile radius of Falkirk & Stirling. We offer a personal and sympathetic service to help guide you through this difficult time and alleviate any stress from organising a loved one’s f-u-n-e-r-a-l. Our family undertakers will take care of all the arrangements. Including collecting the body from the place of death and arranging for it to be transported safely to their chosen funeral home. Likewise, we can also relieve the pressure of arranging flower tributes, memorials and obituary notices. If you would like a quotation for our services please contact us or alternatively leave your details on our quote form. One of our staff will call you back at a convenient time to arrange all the relevant details.

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A funeral home is typically the location over which all care, preparation, and disposition of a human body—also known as a corpse—after death occurs. Sometimes the term funeral home is used to refer not only to the premises but also to the business that runs it, otherwise known in this context as a Funeral Director’s or mortician’s office. A funeral home may have accommodations for family and friends to stay overnight when someone dies. Funerals are usually arranged by a funeral director, often via consultation with an undertaker or mortician from a mortuary or cemetery.


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