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Best Funeral Directors Stirling

The right funeral directors Stirling for your needs will ease the stress involved in planning funerals after the death of your loved ones. We are here to assist you in finding funeral directors Stirling offers. Browse our Stirling funeral directors below.

Find the perfect Stirling funeral home to meet your requirements

Finding the Funeral online is simple and easy. You can find several Stirling funeral homes quickly and allow you to evaluate their services without the hassle and hassle of calling them all separately.

Funeral Costs for Stirling

Please visit our price section and kindly note that all charges listed are based upon the most recent information available. The cost listed on each profile represents an easy funeral package. This includes:

* All documents relating to the funeral and death

* Preparing the deceased for funeral

* A car, hearse or carriage that transports the decedent to the funeral

* A basic coffin, or casket

Funeral Directors Stirling

Best Funeral Services in Stirling

When you’re making arrangements for funerals with the help of your selected funeral service, you might be interested in considering third-party expenses, also referred to as disbursements.

They include:

* Cost of cremation or burial

* Medical certification for funerals

* The price for those performing the ceremony or officiating

Other options you may want to take into consideration is the price of:

* Funeral flowers

* Memorial (venue hire, catering etc.)

* Memorial headstone

* Orders for service

John O’Connor is the Director available to you in Stirling & Surrounding areas

John O’Connor & Son being Funeral Directors is a family-owned and operated funeral service operating Stirling and servicing the entire city and the surrounding regions.

We offer a warm professional, loving, and compassionate service to grieving families. We are a family-owned business we are proud to have the opportunity to give our time, effort each funeral should receive.

About John O’Connor Funerals

John O’Connor is the primary Funeral Director at Stirling. They have a wealth of experience in funerals. They will continue to provide the Stirling community a personal, respectful, and loving service.

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