coffin box and flower

The burial ceremony in the Cemetery is typically a brief committal following the funeral service in the parlour, service room, or church. Graveside funeral services may also be arranged.

Funeral mourners are in attendance during the lowering of the coffin to the burial site. Friends and family members can help in lowering the coffin by using the eight cords that are attached. The mourner who is the chief is referred to by the number one cord, then close relatives and close friends.

Our Funeral Directors and arrangers are well-aware of the regulations and rules of local cemeteries. We also can check the availability of burial plots in the cemetery. If you own a family burial site or an existing grave, we are able to arrange that the council of the area open the grave. We may need title deeds. If you don’t have them available Our funeral directors will connect with the funeral homes to get copies. Local authorities can give new titles to newly bought lairs.