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As independent funeral directors, we are able to offer funeral plan ahead that are an easy method for you to plans your funeral. It will also let you pay for the expenses in advance. This can also take the burden off grieving family members who are unable to make difficult decisions.

The plans ahead we offer are flexible, and we can be tailored to meet your requirements and preferences. Our staff will help you through this process and provide the necessary paperwork. If you’re looking to pay, there are several alternatives that are affordable. You can pay in full or set up an individual payment option which can range from a 12 month or 30-years planning. Our team is happy to discuss the options available to you

We only work with trustworthy UK leading funeral plan companies to ensure that your investment is secured. Your money goes to the Golden Charter Trust, which provides that your funeral directing services are paid out at the time when you need them.

We only use reputable UK leading funeral plan providers to ensure your investment is protected. Your money is paid to Golden Charter Trust, which guarantee your funeral directing services included in your plan are paid at the time of need.